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XML Hypergraph

This tool uses the Hypergraph Package to display the structure of an XML document, either from a URL or the user's files. HyperGraph is an open source project which provides Java code to work with hyperbolic geometry and especially with hyperbolic trees.

Note 1: This tool requires jsdk1.4.2 or later. If this is not available, only the default hypergraph will be displayed.

Note 2: If one node has more than 10 children nodes, only the first 10 children nodes are shown.

Please click the ? buttons at the bottom right of each set of options for more information on that set.

For further information on this tool, please see the TADA Wiki's Hypergraph entry here. A glossary of terms is also available here.


To generate a hypergraph for
  1. Source text
    1. Enter ‘’ into the ‘URL’ field.
  2. Click the ‘Submit’ button to process the text.
» Source text


This section determines the source of the document you wish the tool to process. XML can be obtained either from a web address or by uploading a file.


Source URL
To use content from a web page, enter a full web address (URL) ending in .html in the field provided. Copy and paste from your browser’s address bar for best results.

Local file
To upload an XML (.xml) file from your computer, choose ‘Local file,’ click ‘Browse,’ and select the file you wish to use from your directory.
» Results
`*' indicates a required field



TAPoRware Project, McMaster University,