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This tool uses the Google web API to perform an internet search and then display different formats such as a brief list or by aggregating the results into a single page. It will further process the searched results using other TAPoRware tools. Possible search terms include:
  • words;
  • site date range;
  • site containing specific links or similar to specific site;
  • words in title;
  • all words in title;
  • words in URL;
  • all words in URL;
  • all words in text and
  • specific file type.
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Example: create an aggregate document made up of up to 5 HTML documents returned from Google, all of which contain the phrase `text analysis'; display aggregate of the first five documents returned by Google.
  1. Search term
    1. Enter "text analysis" (include quotation marks) in the Keyword(s) field.
  2. Search restrictions
    1. Select In specified file types from the Search limited to drop-down menu;
    2. enter `html' in the Corresponding context field;
    3. select 5 from the Maximum aggregated pages drop-down menu.
  3. Results
    1. Select the Complete corpus of all pages option
» Search term
(for phrase, enclose words in quotation marks)

Defines the search query that will be sent to Google.


The words or phrase you want to search. The rules are the same as the Google search rules.
» Results returned


Determines which results will be displayed.


Links with brief information
Returns a list of links to the documents returned by Google, along with a brief summary of the document's contents.

Complete corpus of all pages
Returns an aggregate of the full text of pages returned by Google.

Further processing...
Selecting this option will expand a variety of processing tools that will operate on an aggregate of the documents returned by Google.
`*' indicates a required field



TAPoRware Project, McMaster University,