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Word Brush

This tool allows the user to paint with words extracted from an HTML document.

Note: This tool requires JavaScript 1.4.2_08 or later to view the applet.

Please click the ? buttons at the bottom right of each set of options for more information on that set.

For further information on this tool, please see the TADA Wiki's Word Brush entry here. A glossary of terms is also available here.


To paint with words from
  1. Source text
    1. Enter ‘’ into the ‘URL’ field.
  2. Click the ‘Submit’ button to process the text.
» Source text

This section determines the source of the document. Note: the source text must be hosted at a URL.


To use content from a web page, enter a full web address (URL) in the field provided. Copy and paste from your browser’s address bar for best results.
» Results
Open results in new window
`*' indicates a required field



TAPoRware Project, McMaster University,