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Keywords Finder

Note: This tool usually take a couple of minutes to complete, please be patient.

This tool identifies key words and phrases in a plain text document, either either located at a specified web address or uploaded from the user’s files, on the assumption that they will appear with the highest frequency within the source.

The user can opt to apply an inflectional stemmer to the text to convert the words to their base form. This option may cause confusion if a key word is plural or a tense other than present.

Note: If an HTML or XML text is submitted, the tool will strip all tags and process it as plain text.

Please click the ? buttons at the bottom right of each set of options for more information on that set.

For further information on this tool, please see the TADA Wiki's Keywords Finder entry here. A glossary of terms is also available here.


To find all key words and phrases in, apply the inflectional stemmer and display the results in HTML format:
  1. Source text
    1. Enter ‘’ into the ‘URL’ field.
  2. Options
    1. Click the checkbox next to ‘Use inflectional stemmer’.
  3. Click the ‘Submit’ button to process the text.
» Source text


This section determines the source of the document you wish the tool to process.


Source URL
To use content from a web page, enter a full web address (URL) in the field provided. Copy and paste from your browser’s address bar for best results. If the web address directs to an HTML or XML document instead of plain text, the tool will strip all tags and process it as plain text.

Local file
To upload a plain text (.txt) file from your computer, choose ‘Local file,’ click ‘Browse,’ and select the file you wish to use from your directory.

» Options

This option enables or disables the inflectional stemmer.


User stemmer
Check this box to enable the inflectional stemmer. It will process all words in the text and revert them to their base form before processing. This allows the tool to take all related words into account when generating key words and phrases. Ex: the phrase 'human rights' would be converted to 'human right'.
`*' indicates a required field



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