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Welcome to TAPoRware - try our text analysis tools on uploaded or web texts
List Words within Specified HTML tags
Count, sort and list words of the source text in difference orders. It can strip words user specified from the list, or ...
Find Text — Concordance
Find user specified word/pattern anywhere in the text with its context. Display the result in KWIC format.
List Words and Find Text are two of our favorite tools. Click on HTML, XML, Plain Text or Other Tools to see others.

TAPoRware 2.0 is our newest version of the text analysis tools that enable users to perform text analysis on HTML, XML and plain text files over the Web.

The recent 2.0 updates include: updated interfaces for all tools, a new help system, updated tools, and a new tool section.

These tools are made available without support (alas). Help is available for each individual tool and a manual is currently being developped. Version 2.0 is a bug fixed release of the prototype tools. Still, this version has not been tested extensively. In general these tools do not work over the Web on large texts (over 50K). If you would like to work with us to improve the tools and test them, please e-mail Lian Yan at lyan (at) mcmaster (dot) ca. We are looking for computing humanists willing to extend, improve and test these tools and will support a limited number of appropriate users.

The TAPoRware tools were developed with support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Faculty of Humanities, McMaster University. These tools are being developed by Geoffrey Rockwell, and Lian Yan with others of the TAPoR Project for the TAPoR Portal. You can use these tools through this interface or through the portal as Web Services. For more on TAPoR portal go to or

For documentation for the TAPoRware tools see

TAPoRware is also available for educational users to download and install on their own machines. For links and instructions click here.

Updated May 29th 2007.



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